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The word 'woman' is derogatory, woke leftists say

Updated: Mar 24

What sounds about wrong can never be right. Or have you ever heard of a "persondate"?

No, we are not talking about two people going on a date. We are talking about a new alternative word for "mandate" - it now becomes "persondate."

With the leftists pushing to replace every word consisting the word "man" and "male," even supposedly normal words such as "mandate" are in a crisis. That means that once we elect the local corrupt douche, he has an official "persondate" to represent his constituents, not a mandate. Who would've thought?

But it doesn't stop there. For a somewhat longer time now, woke leftists have advocated for a replacement of the word "mankind," which would now be "humankind." And even the word "woman" is not safe, as it entails the word "man," as well as the term 'female.'

"The word 'woman' is actually a super derogatory term," Dr. Lisa Colly, professor for Woke Studies at UCLA, said. "You have to understand that men have suppressed everybody throughout history, even men."

Colly advocates for a new word, arguing the term 'woman' should be replaced by 'woperson.' And the word 'female' should be replaced by 'feperson,' with the adjective form to be called 'fepersonal.'

"It's hard to change the thoughts of an entire society," Colly said. "But we have to do it. People need to wake up, I mean woke up, past tense, kinda makes sense though as we woke people are living in the past."


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