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Quality Fake News, where you want it, when you want it.


The only real Fake News in the world - guaranteed and 25/8. Get the only reliable alternative information out there - free from CIA interference, Putin's macho propaganda or North Korean nuclear tests. Follow us today and miss out on great disinformation and satire news - by Morning News Tonight!

We are proud to call some of the brightest minds our contributors: Johannes Becht (Founder, CEO, Editor-in-Chief) just completed his degree in we-don't-even-know after years of studying and managed to stay below 100k in debt. Clay Jacobs just managed to save his run-down company by selling all his assets. And our crown jewel, Vladimir Putin, scored major accomplishments in modernizing his army which now can almost keep up with the Ukrainian army.


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Founder, CEO, Editor-in-Chief, Publisher

Staff Writer

PR & Logistics

Clay Jacobs

Vladimir Putin

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