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From 'Netflix & Chill' to 'Netflix & Drill': How to get online drill instructor certification

Updated: Jan 24

Turning couch potatoes into soldiers, one click at a time.

In an era where everything from groceries to love interests and even animals with human jobs can be found on the internet, one man has taken the phrase "online certification" to a whole new level. Meet Bob Johnson, the guy who went from being a couch potato to a certified drill instructor, all thanks to his trusty computer and a few chuckles along the way.

Bob Johnson, commonly known as "Lazy Bob" among his very disappointed friends and family, was renowned for his ability to switch effortlessly between TV channels and recliner settings. One day, however, he decided to challenge himself and transform his sedentary lifestyle. Armed with a determination that even rivaled his TV remote-wielding skills, he set out on a unique journey: becoming a drill instructor.

"What better way to motivate people to get off their couches than to become a drill instructor, right?" Bob quipped with a grin. "And, if I can do it all online, even better!"

Bob's journey began with a simple Google search: "How to become a drill instructor without leaving my house." The result page introduced him to a vast amount of courses, including comprehensive training materials and modules covering everything from barking orders to perfecting the art of the "push-up critique." Bob chuckled at the thought of transforming his once-laughable couch potato status into a bona fide DI.

"I went from 'Netflix and Chill' to 'Netflix and Drill'," he said.

As he went through the online modules, Bob couldn't resist poking fun at the stereotypical image of a drill instructor. "Who knew that yelling at a screen could be so therapeutic?" he chuckled. "I can't imagine what my neighbors think. Usually, it's the TV screaming, not me."

After several weeks of online training, Bob successfully passed his virtual drill instructor certification exam. "It's all about attitude, and I've got plenty of that," Bob boasted. "Plus, I can now transform my once-wobbly push-ups into impeccable ones, virtually!"

Bob's story is proof that transformation can happen at the click of a mouse. His friends, who initially laughed at his aspirations, have now realized that his comedic transformation has a deeper message.

"Bob's journey showed us that anyone can challenge themselves and change their lives with a bit of determination, even if it involves a bit of laughter along the way," said Sarah, Bob's best friend.


About the Author

Johannes Becht is a multimedia journalist, digital marketer, video producer, filmmaker/actor and photographer with 9+ years experience as multimedia journalist and 2+ years in video production and marketing. Get in touch here.


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