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The Misadventures of Hank: In Search of the Elusive Five Guys Burgers

Updated: Mar 29

A man eating a Five Guys burger. Image created with AI.
A Five Guys burger is worth the long journey. Photo created with AI.

By Johannes Becht

Once upon a Tuesday afternoon, in a land not so far away, there lived a man named Hank. Hank was an ordinary guy with extraordinary dreams, one of which involved burgers. Not just any burgers, mind you, but the mythical creations whispered about in hushed tones across the land—the burgers of Five Guys.

With his stomach grumbling and his taste buds tingling in anticipation, Hank embarked on his quest. He traversed vast distances, navigating through bustling streets and dodging pigeons with ninja-like agility, all in pursuit of that savory, juicy, life-altering burger experience.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of hunger-induced hallucinations, Hank arrived at the promised land—the gleaming beacon of burger brilliance known as Five Guys. His heart raced with excitement as he pushed open the door and stepped inside, expecting to be greeted by a quintet of burly gentlemen ready to fulfill his every culinary desire.

To his dismay, there were not five guys, but rather a bustling crew of staff members clad in red and white, scurrying about like ants in a picnic basket. Hank's dreams of meeting a burger boy band were shattered, but his hunger remained steadfast.

Undeterred by the absence of quintuplets, Hank approached the counter with a determined glint in his eye. He perused the menu, each item more tantalizing than the last, until his gaze landed on the crown jewel—the legendary Five Guys burger.

"I'll have one of those," Hank declared with all the gusto of a knight challenging a dragon to a duel.

The cashier nodded, unfazed by Hank's theatrics, and began assembling his order. Hank watched with bated breath as the ingredients piled high—succulent beef patties, crisp lettuce, plump tomatoes, gooey cheese—the stuff of dreams and Instagram feeds alike.

Finally, the moment of truth arrived. The cashier handed Hank his burger, wrapped in foil like a delicious present waiting to be unwrapped. With trembling hands, he peeled back the layers of foil, revealing the masterpiece within.

And then, disaster struck.

Instead of the towering edifice of deliciousness he had envisioned, Hank was met with a sight that would haunt his dreams for years to come—a burger so colossal, so overflowing with toppings, that it defied the laws of physics and common sense alike.

Tomatoes tumbled like boulders from a crumbling mountain, lettuce cascaded like a verdant waterfall, and cheese oozed forth like molten lava from a cheese volcano. It was a sight to behold, albeit a terrifying one.

Hank gazed upon his monstrosity of a meal with a mixture of awe and horror. How was he supposed to tackle such a behemoth? Where were the five guys when he needed them most?

Summoning every ounce of courage he possessed, Hank took a deep breath and plunged headfirst into the culinary abyss. He wrestled with lettuce leaves, battled with beef patties, and waged war against wayward condiments, all in the name of burger glory.

And you know what? It was delicious.

Despite the chaos and confusion, despite the absence of quintuplets and the presence of an unruly burger, Hank savored every bite. For in that moment, he realized that the true magic of Five Guys wasn't in the number of guys behind the counter, but in the passion and dedication they poured into each and every burger they crafted.

As he wiped the last remnants of ketchup from his chin and bid farewell to the not-so-five guys who had made his burger dreams a reality, Hank knew that his quest had been worth every twist and turn. And though he may never encounter five guys in the flesh, he would always carry the memory of his epic burger adventure in his heart—and his stomach.

So here's to you, Five Guys—not just the burger chain, but the embodiment of culinary camaraderie and the stuff of legends. And here's to you, Hank—may your appetite be forever insatiable and your burger cravings forever satisfied.


About the Author

Johannes Becht is a multimedia journalist, digital marketer, video producer, filmmaker/actor and photographer with 9+ years experience as multimedia journalist and 2+ years in video production and marketing. Get in touch here.


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