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Amber Heard changes name to Heart for more empathy

Updated: Jan 24

Amber Heart
Fake crying didn't work - now Amber Heard tries to gain more trust and empathy by changing her name to Amber Heart.

Amber has truly a good heart - or at least that's what she wants the world to believe.

After her spectacular defeat against her former ex-pirate Johnny Depp, who had suit her in a defamation case, Amber Heard now announced she would appeal the verdict.

Her team of lawyers - one of them had been seen crying in a court bathroom - just couldn't turn this good-hearted, sobbing woman into a credible witness. The consequence: They announced they would appeal the verdict - and this time, everything will be different.

The motivation is clear: Amber Heard is not able to pay Johnny Depp the whopping $10.35 million, and her lawyers probably won't see a cent either. The only way out: appeal the verdict.

If the case would have to start all over again, Heard has already some amazing tricks, according to top-secret information obtained by Morning News Tonight.

Apparently, Amber Heard is becoming Amber Heart.

"It's very easy: If you constantly hear and see the name Heart, it will inevitably have a psychological effect on you," a person very unfamiliar with the matter told Morning News Tonight.

Amber's team of lawyers hope that by having the word heart being repeated a lot of times, it might significantly change the outcome in the defamation case.

"It's never about the facts, dude, it's about the jury and the people sitting in it. We need to manipulate the sh** out of them," our source said.

Amber Heard's name change is just one step in a series of undertakings aimed at winning the case. Other strategies to win the case include sending Amber Heart to an acting teacher who actually knows what he's doing.

"Yeah, it's true, last time was terrible," our source admits. "Her sobbing and whining was just so obviously fake - faker than Trump's orange skin. We need to work on that, and we need more fake tears."


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