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Johannes Becht | Editor-in-Chief, Publisher

"Never ever budge for the truth if you can have
Real Fake News!"

Johannes Becht - most people call him Joe - is the Publisher of Morning News Tonight. He is also the Editor-in-Beef - because of his amazing biceps. If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints, you can write him an email, and he will definitely never get back to you.

Becht grew up in Germany. After multiple failed attempts to gain a lower education degree by sleeping with several university  presidents (men, women, and unspecified genders), he moved to the Divided States to study Art History, which he now, after 10 years and more than 100k in loans, finally completed.

He now desperately looks for a job. Since he has nothing worse to do, he uses his time to write weird stuff for Morning News Tonight.

>>>Johannes Becht's Personal Website


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