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Narcissist & Self-Checkout: 'Choose the best-looking Cashier'

Updated: Mar 24

When self-checkouts at grocery stores and supermarkets first became a thing, psychologists were excited about the endless and stress-less opportunities for customers. Now, after years and years passing by, they are worried.

"Self-checkouts are a breeding ground for narcissists," Dr. Real Cool, who studied at Harvard, said in an exclusive interview with Morning News Tonight. "We have observed strange behavioral behaviors, as well as statements made by those that we can verifiably diagnose with a strong form of narcissism."

According to Cool, the narcissists that had been interviewed would make statements such as that they always choose the best-looking cashier to scan their products.

"This is ironic, because they themselves are the cashier, every time," Cool explained. "Those statements have me worried that self-checkouts worsen the problem of increasing narcissism in this country. They literally think they are the best-looking cashier. Can you believe it?"

There are differences between males and females when it comes to this sort of behavior. While males tend to wear a wife-beater shirt, making sure that enough chest hair would be visible, females would rather focus on taking a bunch of selfies, posting it on various social media sites, including multiple filters, of course.


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