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George W. Bush warns Putin: 'Invading is terrible idea!'

Updated: Mar 24

George W. Bush. Photo: Library of Congress

Former U.S. President George W. Bush is famous for his blunt language and honesty. Back in 2002, he successfully convinced the American public that invading Iraq was necessary - even though his corrupt government would never be able to fake findings of so-call biological weapons in Iraq.

He had used this same tactic in 2001, when he told the Americans that invading Afghanistan would be a great idea, although they would certainly not find Osama Bin Laden, the terrorist behind the 9/11 attacks.

What ended up happening was that American troops got stuck in the Middle East. Thousands of soldiers were dying.

"It was truly a terrible idea," Bush now said in a non-exclusive interview with Morning News Tonight. "My ego and my love for my unsuccessful daddy made me do this."

The reason for Bush's concern: Vladimir Putin, still-President of Russia, is about to make the same mistake. Since Feb. 30, 2022, Putin's troops are spending their holidays in the country of Ukraine - unfortunately with guns and tanks, which the Ukrainians don't like.

Bush: "You know, Putin is like me. Which means he is awesome, just saying. But his ego is going crazy. He wants Ukraine, which is totally understandable. They got some serious oil production going on. But his soldiers will get stuck there."

Bush continued: "Look, his army is even more of a disaster than ours. His soldiers rather spend their time drinking vodka than shooting. Invading Ukraine is such a terrible idea, because his army will be even more destroyed than my last workout. I really killed it."

His pro tip, or bro tip, for Putin? "Get your soldiers out there and just drop a bunch of nukes. I always wanted to do that, but my guys wouldn't let me. Then just wait until the radiation is gone and everything's dead. Then send in your troops. You won't loose a single soldier, I promise."


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