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British Man on business trip finds new love for “Fish & Chips”

Photo: Unsplash

After making his way across the pond from the United Kingdom and landing in Houston, Texas, Englishman Jack Worthington found himself craving a little slice of home.

The British accountant, who had travelled to The States for business, felt a slight culture shock upon his arrival to America. To combat the stresses of travel, along with the three weeks apart from his wife, Worthington decided that a taste of his homeland would provide a slight bit of solace.

A quick Google search for “Fish and Chips Near Me” pointed Worthington towards the

nearest accommodating establishment.

“I was very excited,” said Worthington, regarding his “Fish & Chip Find.”

Upon arrival to the restaurant, rightfully named, “Vida Seafood #1,” Worthington came to a rude awakening.

“I asked for “fish and chips,” stated Worthington. “I have absolutely no idea what was

said in return, let alone the dish that was brought to me. But, I liked the way she said it. That waitress can really roll her “R’s” - Exotic, to say the least!”

Although hoping to find a comforting “Fish & Chips” experience in the traditional British sense, Worthington seemingly found himself enthralled in South Houston’s Hispanic district, being served a platter of “plato de marisco” and tortilla chips with salsa.

“I’d like to think I’m a bit spontaneous,” Worthington mentioned as he downed his third margarita while playfully groping the young hispanic waitress. “But in reality, I’m just like any other Brit - we love our bevvy.”

Upon completion of the meal, Worthington noted his new love for “American Fish &


“Is it American? Is it Mexican? Who knows?,” Worthington muffled as he stumbled into

the back of an Uber. “I’ll tell you this though, we don’t have any senoritas like that back in Manchester.”

And as for the fish & chips - “It’s bloody brilliant!,” shouted Worthington.


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