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0-32 Basketball Team builds house for Fired Coach

After an abysmal season, the Sharpstown High School Sharks 9th Grade Basketball

B-Team finished without a win in their 2021 campaign.

Despite an abundance of heart, the blood and sweat of the B-Team Boys have

resulted in a pool of tears for their head coach, Doug McMurphy.

As a result of the lackluster performance from his team this season, McMurphy has

been terminated effective immediately.

In response to the firing of their beloved coach, the 9th Grade Sharpstown Sharks

have pledged to help build a new home for McMurphy to assist with his now

impending financial struggles.

The Sharks need your help in honor of Coach McMurphy!

Although low on initial funds, the boys plan to begin the building process with the

leftover bricks from their win-less season.

With a 13% shooting average from the field on the season, the boys will have

plenty to work with.

However, they will be in need of additional resources, and any contributions will be

highly appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance, and GO SHARKS!


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